I don’t do anything in Pembroke. Honest.

That spending the afternoon yesterday going out for coffee with my aunt and one of my cousins didn’t happen. Neither did the going to their place for supper after. Because, y’know, I just don’t dare do such things. My poor hockey team also didn’t just roll over and play dead for half last night’s game, […]


This is just absolute classic. And the reason I hang out in techsupport. Warning: extremely geekish technical terminology involved. If you read and do not understand, you have been sufficiently warned. Michelle (Sheyrena), you’d probably get more appreciation out of it than most. If only because you’re probably one of the few on my flist […]

The thing about tech support: you’re never *really* done.

A sign of just how eventful my week’s been; this is pretty much the only thing of any real significance, since I’m still waiting on things like, you know, job applications to come to fruition (I’ll post more on that tomorrow, or later on tonight). I did my usual thing of late, that being staying […]

I have come to a very disturbing realization.

A computer manufacturing company who expects me to do tech support for them is apparently unable to stick a computer in front of me that’s capable of opening a whole lot more than the number of windows necessary to complete the tasks asociated with this job, who’s days are both numbered and decreasing. The system’s […]

I should stop having such conversations.

So the last couple days, for whatever reason, the topic of people’s entitlement issues, be they disabled or otherwise, came up in conversations that were had with samari76. Reasons they should not be had on such a frequent basis: I got the ultimate entitlement call this morning. Warning: technical terminology follows. I am not defining […]

I speak as a technician, because if I speak as a Dell employee I may be fired.

Of course if they were to stumble across this I could feel somewhat important before they drop the hammer. If there is the slightest bit of inner geek in you, and you like to actually mess around with the internal workings of a machine, this is a bad idea. Desktop PC with notebook components. And […]