We should not be allowed anywhere near anything technological. No, seriously.

The following things should, in fact, be restricted from both myself and Shane for the safety of the general public.

  • Any kind of network access whatsoever
  • Most forms of access to the internet, or at least the less legal portions of the internet
  • Any and all versions, local or otherwise, of dropbox–this includes, but is not limited to, the Dropbox website

The reasoning behind it? Uh. We’ve just managed to find a very interesting and quite creative way of putting any and all of the above to our advantage–in quite possibly the most dangerously lethal way possible. Also known as the absolute quickest way of getting material sent to multiple directions without causing mass amounts of headaches. Clearly, we absolutely must be stopped. For our own good.

PS: Sorry, Jessica. We’ve made your computer a casualty tonight. See? Told you it was dangerous.

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