Having that much fun should not be allowed.

After much shuffling of schedules, we managed to kill pretty much the entire day in Ottawa, and for once, it wasn’t the type of killing a day that makes you want to just go home, flake out, and try to forget that you actually left the house to be bored to tears. I discovered a few things that managed to surprise me, too. Like… my brother can actually be kind of hillarious, when he’s not got a chip on his shoulder. And, just because you aranged to have a prescription ready the day before you’re supposed to go to pick it up does not mean it’ll be there the day you go to pick it up. In fact, the paperwork will still be on the desk of the nurse who was supposed to have sent it to the farmasy. And, hm… you can actually go to Ottawa and back in under 12 hours and for less than $200. There’s other things, too, but I don’t wanna think anymore. Well, that, and most of it would require quoting certain parts of conversations with Trish, and that’s just way too much damn typing for me. Still, I think I learned enough for one day, at any rate.


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