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Ways to excuse yourself from jury duty, number 9000.

They’ll probably still be cleaning up the freedom convoy mess in 2030, but at least they’re making progress with it. Apparently, some of that progress is boring and paying attention is a bit of a challenge.

One of the jurors hearing evidence in the murder-conspiracy trial surrounding the border blockade at Coutts, Alta., has been dismissed for falling asleep in the courtroom.

Court of King’s Bench Justice David Labrenz told jurors Friday he became aware the female juror was nodding off during testimony in the trial of Anthony Olienick and Chris Carbert.

“The juror had difficulty remaining awake and had been observed on several occasions to have been dozing during the evidence,” he told the panel.

Look. The convoy was 2 years ago. Corona hasn’t been a thing for nearly a year (no, that doesn’t mean we’ve eliminated it before someone decides to correct me). And yeah, as someone who has sat through court proceedings another lifetime ago (that’s a story for much, much later), court proceedings are boring as hell. But this was very probably not a super smart idea. As ways to get yourself excused so you can get back to your life, though? A+ for effort. Being entirely honest I’d have very probably done something very similar in this position–my perspective of the court was not as a juror, so I didn’t get to exercise that option. Perhaps in this former juror’s next life they’ll consider the possibility of caffeine pills. Or, you know, paying attention.

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