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  • Tell me you didn’t see that coming.


    So we’re a little more straight-laced in Canada, usually. Sometimes a little too straight-laced for my tastes, but eh. That’s my country and I wouldn’t change it. But loopholes exist, and we create new ones every day. One gigantic loophole no one’s apparently thought of is 3d printing. See, you’re … Read the rest

  • This post brought to you by the number (redacted for copyright).


    Call it a bug, an oversight, or someone just having a really freaking bad programming day. Whatever you call it, somebody at Google screwed up in a very weird, but also very hilarious, way. I’m not sure if it’s been fixed since, but you can apparently trigger a copyright violation … Read the rest

  • Bureaucracy kills, at least on paper.


    If it wasn’t for our government, I don’t know if I’d have nearly as much material on here as I do. That, of course, does not excuse the several months I tend to go before I put material on here, but you know. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has something … Read the rest

  • Loose Rail transit

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    It gets cold in Canada. Particularly if you’re living in Ottawa. In January/February, it gets extremely cold in Canada. I’ll admit to not being an expert, but you’d think someone might want to tell the experts. Saturday’s service outage on the Confederation Line was caused by a clamp on … Read the rest

  • What he should have said: “No honey, I’ve got this.”


    Instead, Jon Reyes–a probably soon-to-be former cabinet minister in Manitoba took two thoughts that should never be said together and definitely should never be said together on social media and… put them on social media Even after a 12 hour night shift at the hospital last night, my wife still … Read the rest

  • No one reads the terms and conditions. Or the anything else. Yeah, that includes you.

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    So, I’ve been in tech for years. Whether it’s tech support, or IT, or just generally dicking around with whatever project. I’ve seen more terms of service pages than I have hairs on my head. And I’m fairly sure I’ve read a grand total of maybe 2 of them. Here’s … Read the rest

  • I see you paying me for spam in your near to immediate future.


    Getting anything but a higher bill out of companies like Rogers is often times an exercise in futility. But for a guy in Edmonton, that was only half his problem. The other half was not actually signing up for some of what Rogers had decided to bill him for. Andy … Read the rest

  • Bank of Montreal learns the gentle way why default passwords are bad for you.


    This post could have also been titled: BMO is not smarter than a ninth-grader. It will probably surprise all of no one that there’s at least one version of your typical ATM’s user manual floating around the internets. It’ll probably also surprise all of no one that–at least as of … Read the rest

  • And sometimes, law enforcement is an ass.

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    It’s been a while since I’ve done a one of these. So clearly, somebody somewhere’s due, right? Right. IT’s time to pick on a combination of the US education system and US law enforcement again. Pennsylvania’s probably an awesome place to visit. Hell, it might even be a moderately decent … Read the rest

  • I hate moving. In other news, we’re moving.

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    Every few years, almost as a matter of routine it seems, it comes around to a point where for whatever reason a pack up and move operation needs to happen. I moved to Ottawa nearly 10 years ago to take a job. I moved to Petawawa 2 years later when … Read the rest

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