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  • Redefining the BSOD.

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    Windows’s ever famous (or, if you’d prefer, infamous) blue screen of death (BSOD). Cryptic, irritating, and generally all manner of useless–even if you happen to be a technical person with a degree of somewhat impressive Google foo. Basically, a BSOD is a bad time. But with Microsoft apparently getting into … Read the rest

  • Any autotune is too much autotune. Change my mind.


    Or, you know, agree with me. Whichever–I’m easy. There are two universal truths that are still unchanged in 2022. 1. We will always have autotune.2. Autotune was invented by the devil to trick people who can’t sing into believing they should even try. When you’d rather buy the album … Read the rest

  • No one reads the terms and conditions. Or the anything else. Yeah, that includes you.

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    So, I’ve been in tech for years. Whether it’s tech support, or IT, or just generally dicking around with whatever project. I’ve seen more terms of service pages than I have hairs on my head. And I’m fairly sure I’ve read a grand total of maybe 2 of them. Here’s … Read the rest

  • The Rob Ford defense: a practical demonstration.

    Remember all those times when folks kept on telling you there are just some types of people you probably ought not to look up to? they’re not wrong. And when one of them’s a crack smoking mayor with an incredible ability to fud all over reality at the drop of … Read the rest

  • Quick! Set up a porn filter before I–oops.


    The secret’s out. The reasoning behind porn filters has been exposed, at least in the UK. It’s not to protect the children, as is repeatedly and all too frequently tossed out there as a way of silencing the masses of folks wondering just in which parallel universe such a beast … Read the rest

  • 911, what is your stupidity?

    I’ve heard folks calling 911 for some pretty stupid reasons. A cold that hasn’t gone away for like 3 days, for instance. But some of the reasons on this list make those seem just a little bit more on the intelligent side than maybe perhaps they ought to. Which, come … Read the rest

  • Solving the province’s unemployment problem, one dumb criminal at a time.


    The thing about people like Lloyd Charest is at least they have good intentions. Of course the down side about people like Lloyd Charest is they’re living, breathing, braindead proof that the road to hell is paved with said good intentions. Which may or may not have something to do … Read the rest

  • Never let it be said that Britney spears doesn’t have some talent.

    She may be virtually incapable of actually carrying a tune, and she may not be able to write her way out of a paper bag if she was handed an instruction manual on exactly what not to do when trying to be lyrical. Hell, she may or may not even … Read the rest

  • Here’s your sign, the sequel.


    Remember me? You know, the guy that says he’s done with this whole radio silence thing and then falls off the blogging cliff for half of forever? Yeah. Hi. Remember her? If not, I’ll remind you. She thought it might be fun to take the sidewalk in order to … Read the rest

  • Finally. A solid test case for the ‘Stupid Tax’.

    When I actually had a job what paid me, part of that job involved charging people who didn’t have the support plan they needed for me to actually, you know, support them. My manager at the time, in some of those cases, called it a stupid tax. Not necessarily because … Read the rest

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