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  • The ISP who stole Christmas?


    This would have probably been better timed last week, but I was in the middle of 80 million things last week. So, have it this morning instead. I haven’t been a TekSavvy customer for several years. But, because I can, I still keep up with the community of folks who … Read the rest

  • In which I do absolutely nothing profound for 12/12/12 12:12.

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    So If you’re a nerd, kinda like me, you find today’s date somewhat amusing. I suppose the same thing goes for if you follow any one of the 80 million people who officially declared today “international sound check day”. So here’s the thing. In honour of today, and to celebrate … Read the rest

  • Why I should probably give up on Simply Hired.

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    Shortly after I lost my job at Dell, I jumped on to every job advertising bandwagon going. Canada’s Job Bank. Indeed. Eluta. Hell, even Kijiji. They used to land me quite a few halfway decent interviews. In recent months, though, at least some of them have gone quite down-hill. … Read the rest

  • Rob Ford is an idiot, the left half of Toronto’s got a hate on, and other asorded goodness.

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    What we have here is a random thinggy. Because random thinggies are good. Even if done at half past odd while coming off a weekend spent in Pembroke with a machine that could use a couple replacement components. And even if done by a guy who apparently wouldn’t know what … Read the rest

  • Did Lacey really do it?

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    So everyone by now should be aware of the fact that there’s a cute adorable puppy named Lacey here right? Wrong. That horrible person over here named James does not know how to write about the important people in his life you see. So lets take care of that now. … Read the rest

  • If my family had a theme song…

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    Things have been relatively quiet on the home front lately, which actually somewhat surprises and disturbs me. Usually, somebody’s drinking something, breaking something, screaming at someone, throwing way too huge a party and not inviting me, or spending money they don’t have at a casino I wasn’t invited to. Hey, … Read the rest

  • Old folks say the darnedest things.

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    So I’m sitting at Macdonalds having supper with May last week–of course, this would be before I start doing this regularly again, and this nice enough couple of old folks come in and grab the table next to us. Now, ordinarily I don’t really take much notice when old folks … Read the rest

  • What’s in a name, anyway?


    Tyler Gold didn’t just want to be known as Tyler Gold. It doesn’t do much for name recognission, you know. And being a business man involved in a not really disclosed line of business (Kinda makes you wonder, eh?), name recognission is key. Right? Sure. We’ll run with that. A … Read the rest

  • This has “In Death” series written all over it.

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    Everything’s cool in science fiction. Cars can drive themselves, a phone without video is considered what the Nokia 6682 is in today’s cell phone market, everything electronic is also voice activated, and if you read the “In Death” series by J.D. Rob, handguns are banned except in cases where they’re … Read the rest

  • JAWS for Windows gets a career change.

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    For those of you who don’t know, JAWS for Windows is the screenreader that some of us in the blind community use to be able to do things like, well, post random pointlessly amusing things like this to our respective blogs at half past late in the morning. You can … Read the rest

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