The ISP who stole Christmas?

This would have probably been better timed last week, but I was in the middle of 80 million things last week. So, have it this morning instead.

I haven’t been a TekSavvy customer for several years. But, because I can, I still keep up with the community of folks who still use them–and those who’d love to. It was while trolling that community that I tripped and fell over this. In case you don’t feel like going clicky, have a paste.

ruined xmas.. ty tek sav soo,.. as a single parent to three kids, all they wanted and i could afford for xmas was internet service. I checked out tek sav. as seems like a good thing ? i checked the website to confirm service was available in my large centre (whitby ontario). i called the number and again they confirmed the install and availablilty. they sent me an invoice, and welcomed me to the tek sav. family in emails. i paid the invoice and modem costs, and was promised install for dec 28 2012. xmas morning all that was under the tree was a posterboard with Internet written on it by the kids. tek savey was delivering the connection dec 28, so they told me repeatedly. on dec 26 i get a phone call, saying, opps.. service you ordered, paid for, and we confirmed several times is not available in your area. then i recieved an email confirming me cancelling the service that i never did get. i had to break the news to three teens that this company, that claims to be different, better, dependable, and no nonsense, let us down with false promises. so after let down i say, do i get my money back ? they say maybe, after i send back the modem i did not recieve yet. dec 29 i go to post office and refuse delivery of modem as per their instructions. so now i sit and wait for some promised refund so i can actualy try to get serive elsewhere, and deliver the xmas gift that never was yet. thank you tek sevvey for wrecking a large part of our xmas. thank you for the let down due to your incompentance. i understand if service is not available in our area of 180,00 people, what i dont understand is why your website said sure, you took my money, made promises, made commitments, and then said oppss.. not our fault. i sent emails and i just get,.. opps not our fault. well the fake comitment that service was available in my area was not the fault of the grinch, but rather a compant that seems not to know their ass froma hole in the ground. i am not bitter, i am hurt that a company that promotes itself as caring, and you will be looked after seems to not give a rats ass

So, in summary: You broke Christmas! You bastards! No biscuit! Okay, that was much easier than I thought. Oh and, just so we’re clear, activation and the like with TekSavvy can easily come to a couple hundred bucks on an easy day. That’s a couple Christmas gifts in my family. Ah, but then again, we already have internet.


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