So you’ve got 50 MBPS. But can your ISP do this?

I was spoiled twice my first go round with TekSavvy. And, after growing an issue or 5 with Bell during the move to the new place (Yeah, because who didn’t see that one coming?) I figured it was high time I give them try number 2. Why? Because awesome sauce, kids. And not even 6 months after I give these folks a look, I get this in my email.


We are writing to inform you of some really great changes to your Internet service from TekSavvy. We are lowering pricing and passing on the savings to all of our customers! How TekSavvy is that?

As of your next billing date, you will notice that the Internet package you are subscribing to will change from High Speed DSL 25 Unlimited / DSL à haute vitesse 25 Illimite at $77.99 to High Speed DSL 25 Unlimited / DSL 25 Illimité – ON – RED at $57.99.

No action is required on your part. As of March 27th, 2013 TekSavvy automatically made the updates to our system. Your next bill will reflect the new pricing.

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Thank you for your continued support, and loyalty.


The TekSavvy Team
TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
We’re Different. In a Good Way.

I deal with way too many business to measure on a daily basis, and this is the first time any single one of them, be they tech related or not, has sent me an email escentially saying “here, have $20 off your bill for the next forever”. I almost went looking for the catch. But then of course, Twitter blew up and well, it’s not april fools. So here’s a question. Why aren’t more people interested in what the smaller guys have to offer? I wish I had the answer, but heaven knows they’ve just increased my interest. Asking me to please not pay them so much money? Yes please. Common sense ISP’s for the epic win. So who wants a switch?

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