An open letter to Sympatico…

Dear Sympatico,
Kindly stop blowing sunshine up my ass and lower the bloody prices for a change, rather than continuing to increase them. I’ve noticed no significant improvement in my service since I signed up, and therefore left scratching my head as to what, exactly, this price hike is supposed to go towards–besides some CEO’s pocketbook, I mean. So, please, either start dropping prices, give me something to justify paying the higher prices, or kindly fuck off.
PS. I despise form letters, in any way, shape or form. Just for future reference.

Dear Valued Customer,
We would like to inform you that as of August 8, 2007, the regular monthly rate of your
Sympatico High Speed Internet service from Bell will increase from $46.95 to $47.95, plus applicable taxes. 
As always, your Internet access is never shared, even during peak periods of usage.1 Plus, you’ll continue to enjoy:
• Automatically updated and fully supported security solutions, including Parental Controls, Email Anti-Virus, Junk Email Filter and Pop-Up Blocker 
• Round-the-clock technical support
• Multiple email addresses and access to Sympatico Webmail
If you have any questions about your continuing service, would like more information about this rate change or wish to respond to this notice, please visit
. Otherwise, the new monthly rate will be reflected on the corresponding invoice.
Ellen Malcolmson
Senior Vice President, Customer Experience


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