Officially ridding myself of Bell Sympatico.

I keep saying I should, I’ve even threatened to a time or 3. But today I actually did so without thinking about it. Well, okay, I actually *did* think about it. After apparently 3 more times in the span of an hour last night I got the royal boot off teh intarwebz. So I call up ma Bell, and they do their usual song and dance about let us see what we can do to help you first, please. I figure, okay, I’m probably gonna wind up leaving anyway so I might as well give them one more chance to strike out. So they do their thing, and apparently do some tweeking with my phone line (I dunno what the hell they did, the tech made me hang up while he did it). So now my connection issues are supposedly all fixed up. Well, they may very well be, but considering he said he didn’t touch my download capabilities in any way, shape or form and they now come in at under 1MB/S where they used to be 1.5 or thereabouts, I’m still not a happy camper in the slightest. So I call them back, and the guy I get a hold of is decidedly against doing, well, anything to address the problem. Apparently since his line test says I’m at 6 MB/S, it can’t be their problem. Well, uh, it’s not mine, so yes it can. I promptly told him at that point where he could stick his DSL service, and cancelled it. Effective April 27th, Sympatico gets the hell out of my house and is replaced by TekSavvy, who so far has the only drawback of still having to be on part of Bell’s network; Canadian monopolies are so much fun. We’ll see what kind of improvement if any we get out of it at that particular time, but in the meantime, I’m going to very much enjoy wiggling out from under Bell. Who knows, if they’re any good I might switch my phone service over too. They’re cheaper and provide more than Bell does.

PS: “It gets to you the exact same way as it does with us, and besides we have more servers than they do” is not exactly a very decent way of trying to convince a customer not to give the big fuck you to your company, just for the record. Or maybe I just expect people to be able to form an actual argument on a technical level.


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