I vacate Ottawa. Which means: welcome back, TekSavvy.

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot. A long long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I gave Bell Canada (at the time called Sympatico) the middle finger. Their service sucked royally, every second or third […]

TekSavvy proves even the little guy could use a drop kick. Again.

The big draw for TekSavvy used to be they were local, open, and just small enough to still care about customers. That was a few years ago–when things like this would have meant half the company goes into full defend the customer mode. My parents have TS home phone, their place got flooded, and I […]

TekSavvy continues to go down hill. Not pretty, guys.

I’m beginning to wonder exactly what goes on in the offices of Ontario-based TekSavvy when we’re not looking. Whatever it is, it clearly isn’t to do with employee training. From the company that brought you this, have customer service failure 2.0. Where we ended up being pushed to cancelling after they escentially broke our attempt […]

If this video is legit, my ISP’s awesome just increased.

There’s an advertisement being floated by my ISP, Teksavvy, that’s made it on to Youtube. Apparently, it’s also being shown on TV in some places–though personally, I hadn’t seen it until today. If it’s indeed an actual ad for the service, it’d be the first one I’ve seen from any company up here that didn’t […]

Officially screwed… by an ISP I’m not actually with.

I promise, there’s an actual update about, well, me coming eventually. But in the meantime, have a techy rant. I’ve never really been an overly huge fan of Bell Canada. Usually, I’d default to them only because the alternative–which, at the time, was Rogers–isn’t exactly a whole lot better. I’d heard halfway good things about […]

The thing about tech support: you’re never *really* done.

A sign of just how eventful my week’s been; this is pretty much the only thing of any real significance, since I’m still waiting on things like, you know, job applications to come to fruition (I’ll post more on that tomorrow, or later on tonight). I did my usual thing of late, that being staying […]