And the TekSavvy downward spiral continues.

Right on the heels of their change in attitude, Ontario-based TekSavvy continues to come apart at the seems from a customer service standpoint. This time, in the form of a new activation so utterly disorganized that at time of posting, all of the initial issues–including the service-related screw-up that prompted the first phone call– remained unresolved. And in not resolving those issues in the first place, they had the new customer’s service shut off for a few days, claiming a new order needed to be generated. And then they wound up right back on the service they were trying to upgrade from. When a company who usually prides itself on customer service starts requiring multiple calls to follow up, restate, regenerate and follow up again, there are problems galore. When it happens to a customer who’s just activated service with that company? I don’t even know. We’ve been seeing more of this over the last few months–it’s what caused me to jump ship. When your reason for leaving the old ISP becomes worse than your old ISP, it’s time to reexamine who you’re dealing with. I suspect these folks may be thinking about doing exactly that.

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