TekSavvy proves even the little guy could use a drop kick. Again.

The big draw for TekSavvy used to be they were local, open, and just small enough to still care about customers. That was a few years ago–when things like this would have meant half the company goes into full defend the customer mode.

My parents have TS home phone, their place got flooded, and I needed to see if their home phone number could be call forwarded to their cell while they’re out of their place. Several medical folks have their main number as their contact number, and it’s just way easier to call forward than to go about the process of trying to get my parents to remember all the numbers that might need to call them on the main line. I called support on Sunday night and held for 18 minutes before giving up. I recall that Rocky had been saying over and over that they were working on the wait times issue. I believe that was 18 months ago. I finally got someone on the phone today. I asked them if they could expedite the process of getting my parents’ cell as the forwarding number. The rep I spoke to said it wasn’t ‘fair’ for other customers who were in line ahead of my parents. I said that this is a matter of two elderly people who got flooded out of their home and need to have a connection to their main line for medical reasons. Rep said ‘I don’t care. We’re not going to bump someone out for you’. I asked ‘So you could do it, but you won’t’? Rep said ‘That’s right’. I wish I could convey to you guys the tone in which he said ‘That’s right’. Like he was proud of it, like he was enjoying saying it to me. Pathetic. Please note – this isn’t an exaggeration for dramatic effect. That’s exactly what he said to me. Avoid this company at all costs. Their competitive advantage has eroded and their staff have developed a ‘screw you’ attitude.

The TekSavvy of 2008 would have very likely put their foot to the floor on this process, and gotten this customer’s parents their forwarder without much fuss–the whole emergency circumstances thing, and all. The TekSavvy of 2011? No chance. Every time I see one of these, I’m very glad I’ve abandoned this company for similar reasons It’s always bad when a good company goes to shit. It’s worse when even 6 months ago they’d of come highly recommended. Now? I’d recommend anything else. And this doesn’t improve the situation.

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