TekSavvy continues to go down hill. Not pretty, guys.

I’m beginning to wonder exactly what goes on in the offices of Ontario-based TekSavvy when we’re not looking. Whatever it is, it clearly isn’t to do with employee training. From the company that brought you this, have customer service failure 2.0. Where we ended up being pushed to cancelling after they escentially broke our attempt to move services pretty well beyond repair, this potential customer couldn’t even seem to get a straight answer regarding their service activation.

We ordered two internet connections at our address and Teksavvy said there should be no problem. The activation dates were scheduled for the first two weeks
of December. Problems started to arise rather quickly. The technician didn’t come on the first scheduled visit. Teksavvy and rogers both confused the second
appointment for the first. I explicitly emailed them later but no changed was made. Therefore one account got activated. I was told by their technical
support team that the modem can be activated remotely and no technician was required since the first activation was fine. This was December 9th. Nothing
has happened since. Calling frequently over the weekend, I was told different things from different people. Some people said that activation was likely
over the weekend and another tech told me that first thing Monday Rogers would activate it. I kept calling until I was told the item was sent to “provision”.
I was told Provision is comprised of a special group of managers who have better access to Rogers. I was also told that Provision managers would be contacting
me ASAP regarding my matter since it’s now of a higher priority. However, the weekend passed and no one spoke to me about the matter until I called Monday
afternoon. I was told that “x” was handling the matter. Of course, he had simply sent an email to Rogers and was told that Rogers should contact back within
24-48 hours. Amazingly, “x” was on a 15 minute break but I was to be contacted within the day. No one contacted me. When I called back in the evening,
they said the managers had left and they were waiting on Rogers. I called back today and asked about the status, and they initially informed that I couldn’t
get a manager to call back because they had too many call backs. Since this has been going for over a week I insisted on speaking to someone. Finally,
manager contacted me saying that Provision team is now in a teleconference with Rogers and the matter will handled very shortly. I was to be contacted
but that didn’t happen. I called again, and they said “nothing has been updated”. An evening representative called me just to say that “they’re on it”.
It seems like sending a ticket to Provision meant no expedient service.

The rest of the post seems to echo in several ways the issues we were facing when trying to get service moved from Hamilton to Petawawa. Lies/halftruths, inconsistencies, people who say they can do things they actually can’t, yeah it’s all there. All that was missing was the infamous “Elizabeth” episode–does she only deal with DSL customers, perhaps?

TekSavvy’s come an aweful long way from when I started with them in May of 2008. Unfortunately, that long way’s in the wrong direction. I’m thinking maybe cancelling my service might have been the right thing after all. TekSavvy’s going down hill. And this sure as hell isn’t pretty.

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