Rogers, you and I need to talk.

It’s great that you’re coming out with a new, in-house and online equivalent to your on demand option available through your cable services. It’s even greater that you’re extending the option of using it to customers of any Rogers service. But you might want to, maybe, give not screwing over your customers a try if you’re actually planning to do that.

We’re already Rogers customers. We’re already paying, a lot of times way too freaking much, for Rogers services–up until October or so, for me, that included cable. If you’re going to grant us free access to your on demand service online, don’t then go back and decide that it still counts against our bandwidth caps (*). It’s *your* service, on *your* network. For which you’re still getting a *lot* of our money. More so if they’re also paying for TV from you. That’s enough. You’ve just guaranteed I won’t be playing with the new Rogers on Demand online anytime soon. And if I were a Rogers customer still for anything beyond my cell phone–you guys *are* the only ones right now that offer accessible phones that won’t absolutely kill my bank account–you’d be guaranteeing, since it would count against my bandwidth cap anyway, that I would continue my current means of obtaining my television viewing. No love, your local former customer tech geek.

PS: Thank you for not automatically assuming your wireless customers want to pay a monthly charge for *this* service, as well.

(*) Rogers is apparently not going to lift the bandwidth limitations on your internet service if you’re with them and accessing their on demand feature. I don’t get it either, but that’s Rogers. That’s also why I’m with TekSavvy.

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