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Ottawa: The City that Told Fun to Get Off Its Lawn

We’re known as the city fun forgot, but fun didn’t forget us. We drove it away with a shotgun and a bottle of cheap beer. Every now and again fun tries to show up, but we’re quick to tell it to get off our lawn.

Bylaw Services received dozens of complaints about the noise and loud music coming from Escapade Music Festival this weekend.

Some of the world’s biggest DJs performed at TD Place and at Lansdowne Park during the music festival. The third night of the event on Sunday was cancelled due to the heavy rain and thunderstorms in the area.

However, Bylaw Services tells CTV News Ottawa they received 38 complaints about the noise this weekend from Escapade Music Festival.

Some people on social media claimed they heard music from the event more than 7 km from Lansdowne, including in Orleans and Cumberland.

One person responded to a tweet from Ottawa Public Health saying, “how about Ottawa Public Health looks at the excessive bass at this event for the second year in a row and how that affects people’s health.”

It’s a music festival. It’s gonna be loud. That’s… kind of what music festivals do. You expect that when it’s a weekend and most normal people are doing things that aren’t working–like attending music festivals. Except, apparently, in “get off our lawn” Ottawa. I’d like to see our Night Mayor fix that.

Also: As someone who lives 7 KM away from the festival, are the folks in Orleans high? I had the windows in this place open and didn’t hear squat. Damn shame, because it sounded like fun. I guess that’s why they were mad…


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