And so continues the downward spiral.

It started off typical enough. And by typical enough, I of course mean you win one, you lose 6. Bright side: we pasted Ottawa, sucka! I mean, yeah it was 3 nill, but come on. I’m used to Ottawa having the 3. Yay for missing that game–not on purpose! Of course, I’d love to say I missed the next two on purpose as well, but sadly, I watched part of the game versus the Stars last night. At least I stayed awake long enough to see them score the first goal, though. Even… if the next 3 belonged to the wrong bloody freakin’ team. And I’m not even gonna touch Boston. That’s a whole other rant for a day when I don’t work. If anyone can provide me an explanation for our team’s sudden bout of suckitude that’s apparently lasted about… oh… 3 years too long, I’m open to it. In the meantime, can we start the ‘blow Ferguson blow’ chant?

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