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  • 7 months and still a geek.

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    So remember when I had all these plans for doing all this stuff and junk? Remember when that was going to be a thing? Yeah, neither do I. But apparently that was in August–7 months and 2 days ago, at least according to the last time I touched this website. … Read the rest

  • In which I’m not completely turned off of hockey. Leafs, don’t kill it.


    I’ve been a Toronto Maple Leafs fan for ages. Don’t ask, because I don’t know. I grew up watching the games–you know, back when the team had names like Clark, or Sundin, or Tucker on the roster. I’ve seen them play actually good postseason hockey. Hell, I’ve seen them actually … Read the rest

  • Maple Leafs 4, Jets 3.

    It was the first game against the Jets in damn near 20 years. Freaking ever. And I completely forgot it existed and thus missed watching it. Yes, I know, I fail at hockey. You may now arange my public execution. Still, shootout wins are nice. As is our barely 2-week … Read the rest

  • Avalanch 3, Maple Leafs 2.

    One of these days, I’ll actually stay caught up on these thigs. That day has apparently not yet arived. I think I caught most of this game–and it kind of ended while my back was turned. Losses hurt, in general. Overtime losses? Yeah, painful. Still, it’s a point. And Phill … Read the rest

  • Maple Leafs 3, Flames 2.

    I think I caught most of this game. Calgary actually played decently–and, of course, Phill Kessel was Phill Kessel. Remind me again why Boston gave him up? Which, speaking of, thanks for that, Boston. No really. We love you. Wins: 3 Losses: 0 Shootout Wins: 0 Shootout Losses: 0 Points: … Read the rest

  • Maple Leafs 6, Senators 5.

    Oh. My. God. Just… oh my god. ‘Nuff said. No, seriously. We were up 2 nothing at the end of the first. By end of second, we were up 3 nothing. Then 4 nothing in the third. Then we kind of started to fall apart. They pulled one back, which … Read the rest

  • Maple Leafs 2, Canadians 0.

    Welcome back, boys of winter. I’ve missed you. I didn’t catch most of the game last night, what with being enroute here, but what I saw was made of awesome. We spent most of our time in the offensive end, and very nearly added to the lead on several occasions. … Read the rest

  • Anyone wanna guess what this is?

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    No? Okay fine. This would be, for the first time in a little bit over a month, my attempted reemergence into the realm of this whole blogging thing. This may or may not include yet more mockery, and that thinggy I’m supposed to do about what you guys were reading … Read the rest

  • We still know what to do with that first rounder, right?

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    Okay. So. While I was out having fun last night, the Leafs related internet virtually blew up all over the place. We traded Chris Versteeg yesterday for a first rounder, a third rounder, and some guy who’s name escapes me at the moment. We know what to do with the … Read the rest

  • Canadians 3, Maple Leafs 0.

    Things I did not want to see when I woke up this morning. The 0 is on the wrong side of the scoreboard. Versus those bastards from Montreal, even. Seriously, something just broke. I dunno what, but something just broke. Bright side: Ottawa’s in last. That deserves a special place … Read the rest

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