Maple Leafs 6, Senators 5.

Oh. My. God. Just… oh my god. ‘Nuff said. No, seriously. We were up 2 nothing at the end of the first. By end of second, we were up 3 nothing. Then 4 nothing in the third. Then we kind of started to fall apart. They pulled one back, which we recovered, or so I kind of hoped. They made it 5 2, and by this point, the laptop had decided to flatline. So I slapped that on the charger, came back and it was 5 4 Toronto. Then it was 6 4. And Kessel got his hat trick. We wished for it. We all but predicted it. Then, he delivered. I could have screamed my fool head off and felt not one bit uncomfortable doing it. Yes, even when they made the game 6 5 after that–and we still walked away with the points. I still cannot find words. It’s only the second game in the season, but wow. My mind. Gone. And so am I.

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 0
  • Shootout Wins: 0
  • Shootout Losses: 0
  • Points: 4

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