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  • Long overdue changes: CAPTCHA goes away, proper email notifications happen.

    This will please some of the more accessibility-minded folks who come across this thing for reasons known only to them. For ages, since the reinstall of 2014, I’ve run this site with several antiproblem features in place–up to and including CAPTCHAs on just about anything where user input might … Read the rest

  • New: ReCAPTCHA now exists where it didn’t before.

    It’s common knowledge I hate spammers. It’s equally common knowledge I hate captchas. Enter reCAPTCHA. Yes, it’s still a captcha, but it virtually eliminates any and all of the reasons I hate captchas. Particularly, the thing is perfectly accessible–at least insofar as my testing goes. And now, it runs … Read the rest

  • Posting by email takes a vacation. This might affect a total of 3 people. Oh well.

    I won’t deny it–I used to get exceedingly lazy. Hell, I still get that lazy. Not wait ’til 4:00 AM then do laundry lazy, mind you–not yet anyway, but lazy. To the point of I’ve been known to see an email, snerk at it, forward it to a few friends–and … Read the rest

  • Hanging up on Feedburner. It’s been fun.

    So this is what happens when 5:00 AM strikes and sleep goes on strike. I was mainly using Feedburner as an excuse to tell people you could get blog updates by email. Yeah, it also doubled as my RSS feed thinggy for a while–mostly because that kind of went along … Read the rest

  • Finding new and interesting ways to break the blog. this time, get updates by email!


    I had planned to unleash this a long, long time ago, but hadn’t found a way of doing it that didn’t result in pieces of blog landing on my living room floor. So, during a time last night when I didn’t have a whole lot else going on–and while my … Read the rest

  • Death to spam comments. Or, at least, generous amounts of pain.


    For as long as the blog’s been up, I’ve had a kind of open commenting policy. Any entry, posted any time, for any reason, could be commented on by those who happened across it. Most of those, though, have ended up being everyone’s favourite excuses for target practice–yep, spam incorporated. … Read the rest

  • Anyone wanna guess what this is?

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    No? Okay fine. This would be, for the first time in a little bit over a month, my attempted reemergence into the realm of this whole blogging thing. This may or may not include yet more mockery, and that thinggy I’m supposed to do about what you guys were reading … Read the rest

  • You may have had difficulty accessing the site this morning. Oops.


    I’m a bit of a security freak. Okay, more than a bit. I was testing out a slight modification to see if I could cut down on the number of people trying to do bad things to the blog. In doing so, legitimate users may have been knocked off the … Read the rest

  • Comments, 2.0.

    I’ve just made a little tiny change to the way comments are handled on the site, in an attempt to cut down on the somewhat insane amount of spam I get to watch filter through the system and get forgotten about until it’s eventually automatically deleted. It also, conveniently enough, … Read the rest

  • Okay I’ve given in.

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    It took some eventual encouraging, but I’ve decided to give good old LJ another shot. With… my typical, rather unusual but charmingly so twist. Eventually, hopefully by this time tomorrow night… the website address that used to belong to my old blog will find itself redirecting to this one. Since … Read the rest

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