Finding new and interesting ways to break the blog. this time, get updates by email!

I had planned to unleash this a long, long time ago, but hadn’t found a way of doing it that didn’t result in pieces of blog landing on my living room floor. So, during a time last night when I didn’t have a whole lot else going on–and while my desktop was undergoing minor surgery (more on that in another entry), I finally sat down and went through with it. Now, just by going over here, you can subscribe to receive everything I post by email, shortly after I post it. Wanna follow the comments that result? I’ve revamped that system a bit, too. Now, pick your post, optionally leave a comment, hit the subscribe option, and you’ll be on the email list for comments received on that post. Or, just go here and subscribe to the posts of your choice. Now, you won’t just get replies to your comments emailed to you. You want comments? You get comments. Happy conversationing!

Randomly related: I should not be left to my own devices with this blog, PHP, and a WordPress plugin library. Just an observation.

  1. Uh-oh, need to learn how to do this for a certain place. FeedBurner, blow it with your captcha. Just eat that.

    1. A certain place is going to get such a freaking makeover, by yours truely if necessary, its head’ll spin. And Feedburner? Yeah, that can go too. At least if this doesn’t break all over the place. *goes and glances at the mail log, just in case*

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