I’m a huge fan of conversation.

That’s a large part of the reason I’m on Twitter. Until recently, my blog’s been a very poor reflection of that. Sure, it has comments, and they’re on–posts are commentable for up to 90 days, but unless a habbit was made to check back on a particular post, it’s a little difficult to see when someone decides to reply to you. Particularly since most folks still haven’t quite gotten the hang of RSS feeds–there’s one for comments as well, in case those that do are interested. So, I’ve finally gotten around to fixing that minor malfunction. Now, if someone, including me, replies to a comment you leave on the blog, you’ll get an email with your original comment and the reply. Coming whenever I can find time to do it, receiving entries by email. Because I’m also a fan of lazy. Quite possibly also why I’m on Twitter.

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