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Death to spam comments. Or, at least, generous amounts of pain.

For as long as the blog’s been up, I’ve had a kind of open commenting policy. Any entry, posted any time, for any reason, could be commented on by those
who happened across it. Most of those, though, have ended up being everyone’s favourite excuses for target practice–yep, spam incorporated. To the tune of nearly 1300 of them at last look. So, I went tweaking. And what I came up with? The comment locker outer, of sorts. Effective as of about half an hour ago, entries older than 6 months automatically have their comments turned off. Wanna comment on an older entry? There’s probably a more recent one on the same subject–throw an opinion over there. Have something specific to that one entry? Let me know, and it may get a spot as an entry of its very own. Wanna see what else is breaking all over the place? The front page, or any of the category pages, are always a good place to start–and they all have their own RSS feeds. Spammer with an entry to bombard? I hear wordpress.com has several blogs with open commenting policies–try one of those. Welcome to housekeeping. Now, then. Where’d I go and put my spam spray?


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