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In which Twitter gets just a little tiny bit too helpful.

Twitter has its uses. Obviously, since I use it–right side of the screen, near the bottom. Yeah, that thing. It has its irritating little qwerks as well. and it just recently added a new one. The service now sends you a weekly email of people it thinks you might know, based on for example how many of your friends follow them. Facebook has done the same thing for a while–a thinggy I find more than a little irritating even though I don’t actually *use* facebook unless I have to. But I’m almost always on Twitter. Which means chances are pretty good that I’ll have already seen someone pop up that I might know from elsewhere. with or without that email. All Twitter’s doing with this is, well, not entirely all that much. Just adding another layer to the info that can already be accessed in about 5 seconds, if you really want to see it. Hey, Twitter? It’s not broke. Please stop trying to fix it. Oh, yeah–and if you suggest that I may know and want to follow my ex, I may just have to fire you off a cliff. Just putting that out there.

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  1. I don’t mind the people you may know one all that much. I haven’t followed anybody thanks to it yet, but it’s oddly fascinating and a reasonable use of 30 seconds, unlike that This guy, That guy and 17 others have tweets for you one. Yeah, that I know. You see, I use this little thing called Twitter…

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