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  • In which I have become a tween–no, not like that. Pay attention.

    So the last time I was doing any kind of active blogging, Twitter was breaking things. At least, breaking things when it came to clients that were seldom updated and easily breakable. That prompted me to experiment with the Tween app for Twitter. It initially threw me, but I’ve … Read the rest

  • The basics of what Twitter ate, and how to work around it.

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    I still live on Twitter, even if they occasionally go and break their API without warning. Which is kind of what happened yesterday. Users of a few different clients ran into an issue where they could receive tweets, mentions and DM’s all the day long. Posting? Different story. Twitter threw … Read the rest

  • In which Twitter gets just a little tiny bit too helpful.

    Twitter has its uses. Obviously, since I use it–right side of the screen, near the bottom. Yeah, that thing. It has its irritating little qwerks as well. and it just recently added a new one. The service now sends you a weekly email of people it thinks you might … Read the rest

  • Twitter, get out of my inbox. Please?

    As anyone who knows me knows, I go through phases where I’m quite attached to my account over on Twitter–after all, it’s slapped right there on the right hand side of the site, if you’re curious. Some of my most entertained moments in recent months happened on Twitter. Some … Read the rest

  • #TCNo

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    As anyone who’s anyone on Twitter knows, just about any and every link you throw on the site now, including links to posts on this site, gets automatically wrapped in their shortener–yes, even if the link’s already been shortened. They announced the rollout in June, and as of … Read the rest

  • Once again. Twitter, please don’t sell out!

    For not the first time, that website which I use for random passing thoughts that don’t warrant their own blog posts is being talked up as a potential purchase by Google. Or this time, also by Facebook. For a very impressive $10000000000. They talked about selling out to … Read the rest

  • Twitter’s almost as everywhere as Google. Now they’re both on your TV.

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    You may or may not be aware Google’s coming up with its own TV platform. As is Apple, but that’s not been surprising since they pretty much came out with their own version of nearly everything else. What you may not know, though, is on your TV is precisely … Read the rest

  • Twitter, you need this feature.

    Or, if you’d rather, you need to fix this bug. As most readers know, I’ve been a fan of the whole Twitter scene for a while–hint: if you’re reading this on the website, right sidebar, bottom. I like a lot of what they’ve done with the service over the last … Read the rest

  • That public rant you went on about your x-boyfriend? Archived. Thanks, library of congress.

    Apparently, the library of congress doesn’t have enough archived material. So, it’s going to start archiving tweets that show up in the public timeline. That means, that whole soapbox you got on about why it is your sister shouldn’t be allowed to own a car–you know, the one that took … Read the rest

  • On my fascination with lists.

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    I have no idea why, but sometimes, just for random amusement or because I’m way too lazy to do much of anything else, the best way I find to get my point(s) across on here is in list format. I actually started it while I was still using LJ–and, in … Read the rest

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