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  • Glen Beck just needs to retire. Now Google’s a government conspiracy.

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    Until recently, I always thought Glen Beck was just old and loopy. More loopy than old. Now, I’m convinced the man’s old, loopy and maybe a little senile. He’s decided, according to Slashdot, that while research is perfectly okay, research on Google is all kinds of evil. According to the … Read the rest

  • Now they’re getting into autopilotted vehicles.


    We were talking at some small length about the possibility of this happening over dinner tonight, and then I come home to find this article in my feed reader–Google’s been experimenting with self-driving cars. There was a theory being tossed about at the table tonight that even if vehicles … Read the rest

  • Google’s Killing my favourite 411 service. Bastards.

    By a long shot, better than Bell or Rogers–and they charge, I almost always default to using 1-800-goog-411 for my number hunting efforts. At least, I did until now. As of November 12th, it’s back to Bell and/or Rogers for me–Google’s punched the 411’s ticket. Damn shame, too–it was … Read the rest

  • Twitter’s almost as everywhere as Google. Now they’re both on your TV.

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    You may or may not be aware Google’s coming up with its own TV platform. As is Apple, but that’s not been surprising since they pretty much came out with their own version of nearly everything else. What you may not know, though, is on your TV is precisely … Read the rest

  • Google Wave is finally out of its misery. Only took too damn long.

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    Does anyone actually even remember remotely considering doing something relatively useful with Google Wave? A few geek blogs I follow were all over it when it first opened up–hell, even Mike was singing its praises for a time. It was supposed to be the thing to replace email/twitter/facebook/what have you. … Read the rest

  • Google Voice is now available to everyone; just not outside the US.


    I’ve always thought being able to call and/or text with someone in the US from Canada without Rogers taking its cut would be absolutely awesome. Or, for that matter, calling the said someone for free from Canada without handing over mass amounts of cashola to Bell. Google Voice was … Read the rest

  • Woman’s failure to use her brain lands her in a legal fight with… Google?

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    Why you would go walking along an interstate highway at 6:00 in the morning is anyone’s guess. Why you would do it in an area you’ve never been? That’s a leap of logic I don’t feel safe making. Yet, that’s what lead to an LA woman being hit by a … Read the rest

  • Happy birthday, PAC-MAN. Now get off my Google.


    So apparently today’s the thirtieth anniversary of the PAC-MAN game for arcade. And apparently Google’s taken to cellebrating it with an annoying recreation. For the next two days, a trip to Google’s homepage will reveal a very playable, and very irritating–when you’re not in the mood for playable–recreation of … Read the rest

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