CTV gets a bright idea. Bet it won’t happen twice.

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot. So remember all that rambling I did about the CBC and its inability to actually put together anything resembling good canadian content outside of HNIC? Yeah, about that. I wrote […]

If the CBC collapses and nobody notices, did it really happen?

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot. I mentioned a bit ago that Rogers pretty much bought off the TV rights for anything NHL that happens to involve a Canadian team. They probably walked off with a […]

The government wants you to pick your TV channels. Here’s why it won’t happen.

So around the middle of last week or so, there was a big to-do around the speech from the throne–that’s the kickoff to the new legislative session, for those folks what read this who aren’t up on their Canadian politics. The government’s decided, what with it being 2 years before the next election and all, […]

The Sun News issue, from a sports fan’s perspective: what gives, #CRTC?

You can be forgiven if you’re only now remotely aware there’s a thing called Sun News, nevermind that it has an axe to grind with the CRTC. Its issue, which is a fair one insofar as there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell the playing field will change in the near future, is it’s not […]

Returning to highschool humour. Bring on the boob and butt jokes!

Most of my readers were probably either right in the middle of, or just getting close to, their teens when Beavis and Butt-Head were actually coming out with new shows. And the rest were right about there when they went almost eternally into reruns. Now there’s a nasty little rumour floating around the intertubes that […]

Brought to you by our Canadian content laws.

Just when we thought Canadian content couldn’t suck any more than it did with Corner Gas, we get a special treat. From the folks who brought you that steaming pile comes this attempt at comedy. Shooting begins in July on InSecurity, a 13-part “action comedy” about bumbling Canadian spies, producers said in Regina. The series […]

Twitter’s almost as everywhere as Google. Now they’re both on your TV.

You may or may not be aware Google’s coming up with its own TV platform. As is Apple, but that’s not been surprising since they pretty much came out with their own version of nearly everything else. What you may not know, though, is on your TV is precisely where Twitter would like to be. […]

Bury the original Law & Order. It ain’t coming back.

Twenty seasons is all we’re gonna get out of the original Law & Order after shopping it around got the creators nowhere once the original network it ran on dumped it. It’s dead. Permanently. The funeral’s at 7:00 if anyone’s interested–I’ll bring the rum. And in other news, Law & Order: Los Angeles? Really? *Really*? […]

Thanks for proving me right, Rogers. Or, why I’m glad I’m not a net customer.

I used to be a Rogers cable subscriber. Yes, even though–kind of like now–I don’t actually watch a whole lot of content strictly on TV. And every so often, something happens to remind me why it is I pretty much won’t be returning to them for anything but the absolutely necessary any time in the […]

Canada’s finally getting Netflix. Wonder if anyone’ll notice?

I’ve always been slightly jealous of my US counterparts, mostly because of the fact they had access to Netflix for DVD rentals and whatnot. And then I discovered torrents, and my jealousy took a small vacation. Rogers tried to implement something similar, but I do believe they broke it in more than a few places. […]

I just downloaded Hurt Locker. Quick, let the lawsuits fly!

Until there came rumblings on a few of the tech blogs I read occasionally about the possibility of a non-government copyright group going after people who it believes downloaded the movie illegally, I hadn’t ever heard of Hurt Locker. Indeed, it would have probably been one of those movies I ended up watching and not […]

I really need to stop finding new shows to watch.

I recently this year developed an interest in a TV show, “Ghost Whisperer”. The plot was halfway interesting, the characters were semi-realistic–except for that whole ghosts thing, but hey, some people actually believe they can do that–and it was actually not something I ended up falling asleep to. It was also cancelled. Go figure. I’m […]

America’s legal system screws up huge–again–and effectively kills IsoHunt.

IsoHunt may or may not be heading towards shutdown after yet another, shall we say, less than brilliant ruling from south of the border. Now, keep in mind, IsoHunt is located in Canada so this ruling probably shouldn’t even apply, but the US has a thing for sticking its legal nose in where it doesn’t […]

I’m such a pirate. And I have a lot of trouble caring.

I’ve had a problem for the last couple years. Fortunately, it’s an easily solved one. Just about everything I’ve watched since about 2004 has been downloaded, or otherwise ripped from DVD’s borrowed or rented from elsewhere. This includes movies, TV shows, even the occasional hockey game–hey, I didn’t always have Leafs TV. The reasons are […]

CTV Ottawa lights up. Literally.

A goodly portion of my TV watching, at least that which doesn’t consist of hockey or baseball, is done on CTV. Usually, its Ottawa station–particularly since they were nice enough to kill news broadcasts from Ottawa’s local A Channel station. Their Ottawa newsroom caught fire overnight last night, resulting in the temporary loss of use […]