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  • Dear CBS. Don’t you dare break my Trek.

    I’ve been a Star Trek fan since I have no idea when. Too young to have seen the original series on its first run, I could never get into it on any of the other times I saw it–dear lord but I tried. But since the launch of “The Next … Read the rest

  • CTV gets a bright idea. Bet it won’t happen twice.

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    So remember all that rambling I did about the CBC and its inability to actually put together anything resembling good canadian content outside of HNIC? Yeah, about that. I wrote that entry, having completely forgotten about another brilliant idea CTV latched on to a bit ago. They’ve launched a show … Read the rest

  • If the CBC collapses and nobody notices, did it really happen?

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    I mentioned a bit ago that Rogers pretty much bought off the TV rights for anything NHL that happens to involve a Canadian team. They probably walked off with a whole lot more than that, but that was where I stopped reading. One of the main stories people keep coming … Read the rest

  • The government wants you to pick your TV channels. Here’s why it won’t happen.

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    So around the middle of last week or so, there was a big to-do around the speech from the throne–that’s the kickoff to the new legislative session, for those folks what read this who aren’t up on their Canadian politics. The government’s decided, what with it being 2 years before … Read the rest

  • The Sun News issue, from a sports fan’s perspective: what gives, #CRTC?

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    You can be forgiven if you’re only now remotely aware there’s a thing called Sun News, nevermind that it has an axe to grind with the CRTC. Its issue, which is a fair one insofar as there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell the playing field will change in … Read the rest

  • On piracy: Thankya much, Bell.


    Every few months, some huge corporation with a vested interest in keeping any and all types of media locked down–usually because they own just about any and all types of media–will come up with some ridiculous bit of reasoning for why we, as consumers, deserve to have absolutely 0 rights … Read the rest

  • The “A Network” is dead. Will anyone miss it?


    I used to watch the local “A Channel”, back when it wasn’t called the “A Channel” and actually had semi-decent broadcasting. Then CTV got a hold of it. Then CTV started slowly eating away at it. Then CTV started opening stations in markets that used to be primarily served by … Read the rest

  • Returning to highschool humour. Bring on the boob and butt jokes!

    Most of my readers were probably either right in the middle of, or just getting close to, their teens when Beavis and Butt-Head were actually coming out with new shows. And the rest were right about there when they went almost eternally into reruns. Now there’s a nasty little rumour … Read the rest

  • Brought to you by our Canadian content laws.

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    Just when we thought Canadian content couldn’t suck any more than it did with Corner Gas, we get a special treat. From the folks who brought you that steaming pile comes this attempt at comedy. Shooting begins in July on InSecurity, a 13-part “action comedy” about bumbling Canadian … Read the rest

  • Twitter’s almost as everywhere as Google. Now they’re both on your TV.

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    You may or may not be aware Google’s coming up with its own TV platform. As is Apple, but that’s not been surprising since they pretty much came out with their own version of nearly everything else. What you may not know, though, is on your TV is precisely … Read the rest

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