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  • Tell me you didn’t see that coming.


    So we’re a little more straight-laced in Canada, usually. Sometimes a little too straight-laced for my tastes, but eh. That’s my country and I wouldn’t change it. But loopholes exist, and we create new ones every day. One gigantic loophole no one’s apparently thought of is 3d printing. See, you’re … Read the rest

  • In which Canada generally, and Ontario specifically, still sucks if you’re disabled.

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    It’s been a minute since I wrote one of these, and I hate that it needs to be in a pandemic context. But, you know, when that’s been what the world’s revolved around for two years, it sneaks in even when all you want to do is bitch about the … Read the rest

  • The government really did not think this through. … Or they did, and that’s the problem.

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    So we’re under a new Covid thing again. That thing, because otherwise Covid will bore the hell out of me, shall be known when I write about it as om-nom-nomicron. Naturally this means we’re also under a new Covid benefit again. I say “under” rather than “entitled to” because, well, … Read the rest

  • I no longer buy the financial arguments against a basic income.


    I used to be somewhat skeptical we could afford, as either a province or a nation, to experiment with what a basic income would actually do. Mostly because I don’t like borrowing, and am fully aware that the more we borrow, the more we’ll be paying back through taxes–at least, … Read the rest

  • That’s one way to fix a housing chrisis.

    So if you’ve been paying any attention to the news in certain parts of Canada, at least, you’ve become aware the price of your average decent-sized house has rather, well, exploded. In Nova Scotia, they’ve discovered a solution. If you can prove there are aboriginal artifacts on your property, and … Read the rest

  • Congratulations on the new government, Canada. I give it 6 months.


    It should be said right up front that if someone had told me a couple years ago I’d be referring to a Prime Minister Trudeau in the present tense I’d be questioning their sanity. But, here he is and here we are. So sure, that plus the fact the liberals … Read the rest

  • On October 19th, vote Bluejays for American League champion.


    If you live in Canada and haven’t been living under a rock, you know there’s an election on. You could be forgiven for thinking that election has anything remotely to do with picking the faces who will cover over what’s left of your federal government. But you have a much … Read the rest

  • Your password or your freedom, Canadian version.


    It’s pretty common knowledge. You cross the United States border with your laptop, mobile phone, whatever, and you run the risk of some customs person deciding that’s a nice piece of equipment you’ve got there and he’ll just be taking a closer look at it if you don’t mind. Courts … Read the rest

  • “We’ll reform the voting system! For really real!” … and other reasons I’m not voting this year.


    So if you’re in Canada, there’s an election coming up in October. And if you’ve been paying any regular degree of attention to it, you probably have a general idea of what you’ll be voting on–hint: “yes or no on throwing Stephen Harper out on his ass” isn’t it. If … Read the rest

  • It’s official. Charity is insanity.


    If you were to suddenly come into a bit of extra money, odds are pretty good you’d consider–at least for 5 seconds–giving some of it to the homeless, or some officially recognised charity of some sort. That is, provided it didn’t all go towards paying off this or that bill … Read the rest

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