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  • Nothing escapes the #CRTC’s content regulations. See also: porn.

    I’ve mocked the CRTC before, for reasons. But I can safely say, uh, I never quite saw this coming. One of the things the CRTC handles is making it mandatory that radio and television stations must broadcast a certain percentage of Canadian content–that is, crap actually produced in Canada. This … Read the rest

  • The next time you die of cancer, do it in French, oui?

    Quebec’s got problems. So says just about anyone who doesn’t live in Quebec and a significant number of people who do. Kicking out the separatist party as they did earlier this year solves a chunk of them, but there’s still the niggling little issue of language. Specificly, Quebec’s insistence that … Read the rest

  • For the hundredth time, enough of toronto’s walking circus already.

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    So for those of you living under a rock, toronto has its very own walking circus. That self same walking circus has decided it’s not done dragging the city down the pipes from a PR perspective, so it’s off to the races in its second shot at being mayor. And … Read the rest

  • Canada is golden!

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    I’ll freely admit I haven’t been a very good sports fanatic this olympics. I was all over it in 2010, to the probable irritation of 5 of the 6 that read the thing. But largely, I was all over the fact it was in Vancouver, and I actually had the … Read the rest

  • In canada Post land, no means yes.

    Just about everywhere else in the world, noteably in places like the UK, the government’s gotten itself the hell out of the mail carrying business. In Canada, the government is the mail carrying business. And that business is bleeding money from just about every open wound in existence. Rather than … Read the rest

  • CTV gets a bright idea. Bet it won’t happen twice.

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    So remember all that rambling I did about the CBC and its inability to actually put together anything resembling good canadian content outside of HNIC? Yeah, about that. I wrote that entry, having completely forgotten about another brilliant idea CTV latched on to a bit ago. They’ve launched a show … Read the rest

  • If the CBC collapses and nobody notices, did it really happen?

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    I mentioned a bit ago that Rogers pretty much bought off the TV rights for anything NHL that happens to involve a Canadian team. They probably walked off with a whole lot more than that, but that was where I stopped reading. One of the main stories people keep coming … Read the rest

  • If you don’t quit drinking and driving, I’ll threaten you again.

    I meant to do something with this forever ago. then life happened. So, uh, have this now. Say what you will about the way the US handles DWI laws. Oh, please, by all means, say what you will. But before you do, consider this. It’s 8:45 AM on a Sunday … Read the rest

  • The government wants you to pick your TV channels. Here’s why it won’t happen.

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    So around the middle of last week or so, there was a big to-do around the speech from the throne–that’s the kickoff to the new legislative session, for those folks what read this who aren’t up on their Canadian politics. The government’s decided, what with it being 2 years before … Read the rest

  • The Sun News issue, from a sports fan’s perspective: what gives, #CRTC?

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    You can be forgiven if you’re only now remotely aware there’s a thing called Sun News, nevermind that it has an axe to grind with the CRTC. Its issue, which is a fair one insofar as there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell the playing field will change in … Read the rest

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