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  • Latest casualty of political correctness: our national anthem?

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    Admittedly, my ability to be politically correct is practically nonexistent. No, I don’t go around dropping n-bombs every 20 seconds, but I haven’t rewritten a large part of my vocabulary to take into account some tiny fraction of the town I live in–who’s population isn’t all that large anyway–might be … Read the rest

  • Canada 3, USA 2–our boys are golden!

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    Don Cherry said victory was in the bag. Mike called it. I had a sneaking feeling. And on Sunday afternoon, we owned it. It took overtime, but Canada pulled off what we couldn’t even come close to 4 years ago. Ladies and gentlefolks, Canada has done exactly what we were … Read the rest

  • A little bit of everything, and the cerimonies had it.

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    If it could remotely be called Canadian, it was shown off in tonight’s opening festivities. Right down to the problematic hydraulic system, which I sort of halfway joked about having been designed by Toyota. They got all manner of historical on us, hitting on not only Canada’s aboriginal history but … Read the rest

  • Go Canada go!


    In less than half an hour, indeed in les than 20 minutes, the opening cerimonies for the Vancouver 2010 winter olympics will be underway. Granted, I’m not an overly huge fan of, say, speed skating. Or down hill skiing–even though I used to do it, just not pro. But I … Read the rest

  • Things that make you go “Hmm”, the Canadian edition.


    Being outside of Canada for a month, and used to the American way of doing things, these just hit me as true facts–mostly because I think I’ve done most of them since I’ve been back. And, because they probably need no elabouration, you get them in list format. Enjoy. Regardless … Read the rest

  • I’m eating these chips to stay healthy.

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    If things get approved within the halls of Health Canada, I have a suspicious feeling we’ll be hearing a lot of folks saying that. And they actually won’t be bullshitting this time. Health Canada’s considering making it mandatory that anti-cancer drugs, assuming those even exist in the first place, be … Read the rest

  • The next great Canadian FAQ.

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    I’ll freely admit, a lot of these answers are still hillarious as hell, and I’ve seen this come across my inbox a few times. The sad part is, even before we were ready to play host to the 2010 olympic games, while I was doing work at Dell, I actually … Read the rest

  • The Canadian stereotypes are true!

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    When most people who haven’t actually had anything really to do with Canada think of us, their first impression is often of us sitting around, snacking on some poutine, and sucking back a beer. Which, depending on which part of Canada you’re talking about, probably isn’t all too far from … Read the rest

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