We don’t need no Stanley cup. We have the olympics.

It started out innocently enough, when I got a front row seat to the Sens’ big choke. Then, contrary to the predictions of one politician who I’m right now sort of at odds with, Vancouver got stomped rather soundly. And, just to drive the point home, Montreal bought it in the finals–okay, I’ll admit, that last one was very satisfying. At first I thought the hockey gods had simply decided Canada was–yet again–undeserving of lord Stanley’s mug. Turns out, I was wrong.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Canada already proved we were entirely too awesome to handle. And we did it back in February. The gold metal performance in Vancouver for the 2010 winter olympics is Canada’s Stanley cup. It also just so happens to be the most watched thing on TV in recent history. And, yes, it just so happens to be sitting on my computer for my rewatching pleasure–deal with it, MPAA. Let the flyers and blackhawks handle each other for the privelege. This year, we don’t need no stinkin’ Stanley cup. We’ve got olympic gold.

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