Go Canada go!

In less than half an hour, indeed in les than 20 minutes, the opening cerimonies for the Vancouver 2010 winter olympics will be underway. Granted, I’m not an overly huge fan of, say, speed skating. Or down hill skiing–even though I used to do it, just not pro. But I am a *huge*, and I do mean *huge* fan of hockey, olympic or otherwise. So, while I plan to at least make an attempt at blogging what I can of the olympics over the next 2 and a half weeks, I’ll most definitely be parked in front of my TV for the important games–the ones that define us. Still, even though I don’t plan to watch every event as it happens, I will try and keep track of each and every metal Canada gets its hands on. Why? Because I like doing better than them damned Americans as much as if not more than the next Canadian. Go Canada go, and make Vancouver this country’s Stanley cup. We need one.


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