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Things that make you go “Hmm”, the Canadian edition.

Being outside of Canada for a month, and used to the American way of doing things, these just hit me as true facts–mostly because I think I’ve done most of them since I’ve been back. And, because they probably need no elabouration, you get them in list format. Enjoy.

  • Regardless where you are, or for how long you’re there, the return trip–and, optionally, the trip there–almost always includes a stop for coffee.
  • The said coffee stop, almost every time, is at your local neighbourhood Tim Hortons–of which every community has at least one.
  • It’s not a complete day until, whether you’re home or not, you’ve checked on the score for your local hockey team.
  • A sudden change from virtually snow free to pretty well drowning in snow provokes little more than a thought of “Yep, it’s Christmas.”.
  • The said sudden change in snow, instead of making you consider that maybe your hat and gloves shouldn’t have stayed in your suitcase, makes you contemplate how best to introduce the nearest person to you to the nearest snowbank to you.
  • If not a snowbank, the idea of a snowball fight comes as both a very appealing prospect and, to most, a very natural one.
  • A visit with relatives isn’t a visit with relatives until at least 1 of you has at least 1 beer.
  • Similarly, beer is not beer if it’s watered down. Canadians don’t drink that other crap.
  • Perhaps the most puzzling but not the most surprising of the observations. We don’t usually make them about ourselves. Who would like this post in their name?

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