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  • Redefining the BSOD.

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    Windows’s ever famous (or, if you’d prefer, infamous) blue screen of death (BSOD). Cryptic, irritating, and generally all manner of useless–even if you happen to be a technical person with a degree of somewhat impressive Google foo. Basically, a BSOD is a bad time. But with Microsoft apparently getting into … Read the rest

  • Life causes cancer, booze edition.


    So today I learned a few things, mostly work related. But over the weekend I learned a little bit more of my life is a lot less cancer free than I thought it was. It’s not a secret, but it may as well be. Few Canadians know the truth, and … Read the rest

  • Any autotune is too much autotune. Change my mind.


    Or, you know, agree with me. Whichever–I’m easy. There are two universal truths that are still unchanged in 2022. 1. We will always have autotune.2. Autotune was invented by the devil to trick people who can’t sing into believing they should even try. When you’d rather buy the album … Read the rest

  • No one reads the terms and conditions. Or the anything else. Yeah, that includes you.

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    So, I’ve been in tech for years. Whether it’s tech support, or IT, or just generally dicking around with whatever project. I’ve seen more terms of service pages than I have hairs on my head. And I’m fairly sure I’ve read a grand total of maybe 2 of them. Here’s … Read the rest

  • And now, the obligatory “where the hell did these come from” link dump.

    One disadvantage of forgetting you put this thing up here so you can write and/or be snarky in your own space on your own time is running out of that second one and forgetting you still have that first one. The end result, besides the fact that I almost always … Read the rest

  • I have more content than I do brain power. Ergo, link dump.


    I keep meaning to post here semi-regularly. I keep not posting here semi-regularly. You’d think I’d learn. since I haven’t, have a small list of the junk I’ve been collecting that I’ve planned to do useful things with and haven’t. there is going to be an actual entry up here … Read the rest

  • Link Dump 2.0

    I have exam brain, and there’s a back and forth happening re: one of my courses and accessibility related shinanigans. It’s fun, in that way that leaves me with far more content than I have brainpower on a Sunday morning. The result? Link dump. Enjoy, and if it breaks, you … Read the rest

  • I have links and little actual content. So, link dump.

    Also because I haven’t done an explicit link dump in… oh… since well before this version of the thing existed. I’ll think of something constructive to put here later. If anyone’s got a little extra money to burn, there’s a family in texas with a how-to guide on doing it … Read the rest

  • Here’s your sign, v3.0.


    Stupid people doing stupid shit will never, ever end. Here’s hoping stupid people being told to advertise their stupid shit by way of a stupid sign lasts even half as long. In the latest episode, we’ve got us a moron from Ohio who thought it’d be fun to mock one … Read the rest

  • Does anyone else remember cherry coke?

    Largely back when I was in highschool, and I think for a while after that, you could almost never walk into a store and not find either cherry or vanilla coke on sale. Usually for cheaper than the regular stuff–which worked well enough for me, on account of I actually … Read the rest

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