Any autotune is too much autotune. Change my mind.

Or, you know, agree with me. Whichever–I’m easy.

There are two universal truths that are still unchanged in 2022.

  • 1. We will always have autotune.
  • 2. Autotune was invented by the devil to trick people who can’t sing into believing they should even try.

When you’d rather buy the album than listen to it live, because you know the artist is absolutely useless live, that’s too much autotune. When your choices are understanding the lyrics or making your ears bleed, that’s too much autotune. And when you want an excuse to mock autotune while demonstrating the entire reason autotune is bad for anyone who isn’t a software engineer, the song you turn to is called “Too Much Autotune”. And because I love me a good parody, well, of course I’ll demonstrate.

TL; DR: Autotune is evil, unless you’re using it to mock autotune. Then, and only then, is autotune the best thing ever. But if I never hear another autotuned song again, it still won’t be long enough.


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