JAWS for Windows gets a career change.

For those of you who don’t know, JAWS for Windows is the screenreader that some of us in the blind community use to be able to do things like, well, post random pointlessly amusing things like this to our respective blogs at half past late in the morning. You can find more information on the screenreader, and grab yourself a 40-minute demo, over here. When it’s not being a screenreader, though, it’s taken up singing as a secondary passtime. It’s still only a beginner, but there’s potential. Just have a listen for yourself. Folks reading along via RSS or LiveJournal may need to click on over to the actual site to listen. Sorry.

Consider this when planning your next family function. It could be a huge success. Or it could flop. We here at WTN take no responsibility for either–but we *will* take your barely entertaining recordings.

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    • It’s a flash object. Handy little audioplayer plugin I scooped. I know NVDA has issues with it, but JAWS and I think WE read it fine… weirdness. If using NVDA, give focus mode a try. If using JAWS, uh… it should be there. If it is, first unlabeled button’s your play button. I will, when I get brave, actually label those buttons.

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