Now all I need’s an actual demo.

this courtesy silly-singer. The Mac voice demonstration is actually fairly well done… kinda sounds like some of the speech options available in JAWS for Windows, the screenreader I use on this machine and the one at work. Now if I could find a demo of it actually in use, and not just reading something in a text file, I might be convinced to go throw some money down on a Mac. Hey, I’ve been looking for an excuse to fire Windows. Sue me.

  1. That made my day!

    I thought I’d seen everything, but a Dell support worker wanting to play with a nonwindows product?

    So awsome!

    1. Re: That made my day!

      I don’t do tech support for computers just because it pays the bills, y’know. 😉

      1. Re: That made my day!

        I figured as much considering the idiots who need help just turning on the damn computer! LOL

        Nevertheless, it still made my day to see that.

        1. Re: That made my day!

          You must be having a particularly craptastic day, then. I’m sorry. LOL

          1. Re: That made my day!

            Yeah I am… the dog is well, how do I put that nicely? Rather crap filled today?

            So craptastic sums it up.

            1. Re: That made my day!

              Awe. Well hopefully things improve for ya!

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