I should be a professional transcriptionist.

Examples of my work can be seen on the LJ’s of both chickwith_stick and silly-singer, both of which have received rave reviews, if only by the owners of said LJ’s. I could do it professionally, and own like it’s nobody’s business. … On the other hand I’ve had better ideas.


4 responses to “I should be a professional transcriptionist.”

    • You can’t aford me, girly. 😛

      And, um, there’s the whole not being able to see you thing. Like, at all. So if that’s what I’d enjoy, uh… sorry but not quite. LOL

      • lmao you were the one taking about me showing up naked!

        And you suck at flirting. This coming from the like worst flirter in the world 😛 Except with Ashley. I am ood at flirting with Ashley. Obvious, but whatevs.

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