I should be a professional transcriptionist.

Examples of my work can be seen on the LJ’s of both chickwith_stick and silly-singer, both of which have received rave reviews, if only by the owners of said LJ’s. I could do it professionally, and own like it’s nobody’s business. … On the other hand I’ve had better ideas.

  1. Pfft. I’d hire you. And since the vpost you transcribed (or possibly the one after) I stripped while making it you’d really enjoy it 😛

    1. You can’t aford me, girly. 😛

      And, um, there’s the whole not being able to see you thing. Like, at all. So if that’s what I’d enjoy, uh… sorry but not quite. LOL

      1. lmao you were the one taking about me showing up naked!

        And you suck at flirting. This coming from the like worst flirter in the world 😛 Except with Ashley. I am ood at flirting with Ashley. Obvious, but whatevs.

        1. Only because I wasn’t flirting. I’m all about the respecting folks’s preferences.

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