Because I can’t be the only one with left field musical tastes.

I stole this link from silly-singer, after she finally actually got it to the point where it wasn’t all broken and such. And, and, and, it likes me! … and my music choices. And for the Canadians in the crowd, it’s Pandora on crack. And not blocked from Canada. And probably the only place besides where I can get away with listening to something like Nickelback right after a Garth Brooks song without downloading both of ’em. Plus I haven’t quite figured out yet… so this one works.

… This entry used to have a point. It ran away from me. I go now.

  1. Dude, you are totally my hero right now. I’ve been so bummed over the loss of Pandora!

    1. You can make it up to me later. 😉

  2. heheheheheee!

    Try listening to The Carpenters folowed by Death Lepard!! LOL

    1. Re: heheheheheee!

      There are just some things even I won’t try, dear.

      1. Re: heheheheheee!


        You gotta have fum some times ya know?

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