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I have links and little actual content. So, link dump.

Also because I haven’t done an explicit link dump in… oh… since well before this version of the thing existed. I’ll think of something constructive to put here later.

If anyone’s got a little extra money to burn, there’s a family in texas with a how-to guide on doing it efficiently. Or, you know, you could just hand me that money. That could work too. Probably be moderately more productive.

Facebook figures you could use a hand with your sarcasm/snark filter–which you don’t, presumedly, unless you’re this guy (that’s sarcasm, by the by).

I hate the word “selfie” with the passion of a thousand suns. It’s braindead, it’s stupid, it’s immature, and it passed ridiculous about a week after I first heard it. Which is still doing better than some of the folks who use it. Somebody please restore my faith in humanity. Please? I’m waiting…

On second thought, nevermind. Humanity’s screwed. But at least this one has no shame. Should probably make arangements to find some, though.

Well. That’s better. Now, where’d I actually put the thing I wanted to write about…

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  1. Talking about the word selfie, i think that just sounds like some lazy girl who can’t say the word selfish. Kinda like the word webbi; a term I’ve heard thrown around lately in marketing videos. Seriously, if you can’t say webbinar ; or ‘selfish Image Of me who i want everyone to look at all day’, then, find something else to talk about!
    Thanks for the posting.

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