Bored. So, link dump.

I’ve been up for just over an hour, give or take. So far as I know I have absolutely nothing whatsoever planned for today, though considering this is me we’re talking about, that could change in like 5 minutes. So, content is nill. Pointless links incoming.


Only in America can the presidential race come down to each candidate’s health instead of, you know, things you’d typically be voting based on. Like, say, whether or not you’ll be pulling out of Iraq in 2 years or 20. Instead, it’s who’ll end up dead first. Which, well, considering the alternative is miss “the vice president runs the senate”, I suppose it’s just as big a concern as any. But still. Only in America.


Here’s some drama I’d love to not be anywhere near when it finally explodes. Guy buys a scratched/chipped cell phone off of Ebay, that was supposed to be in good condition and a different model from what he actually got in the mail. So, you’d think the obvious thing to do would be to point it out to the seller, and perhaps to other potential buyers. Someone doesn’t agree. Now, buddy’s being sued by the seller thanks to his negative Ebay feedback. And folks are surprised when I tell them I won’t touch that with a 50-foot pole? Shouldn’t be.


It’s apparently the week for online things spilling over into real life. Go bloody figure. God, it’s a good thing the closest thing to drama I’ve got going right now is well over 8 hours away from me. Thank God for international borders. Sadly, they don’t apply in a virtual world. A woman goes onto some Second Life equivalent, winds up getting married, and later ends up getting divorced. All online, you understand. Now, at some point her virtual husband trusts her in real life enough to give her his account password for this virtual world site. Enter the law of moronicness. He goes and divorces her, and then doesn’t change his password. She logs into his account, and promptly kills off his character. Then, the lines between imagination and reality sort of disappear for a bit. She winds up arrested for her troubles. Not for murder, though, which I almost expected to be the case, but for hacking into his computer (um, a slightly harder to prove claim, considering). Now, the article itself doesn’t actually say she used his computer to do it, but that’s apparently the charge. Zuh? I dunno.


This will probably be of interest to a grand total of like 2 people on my flist, one of them undoubtedly being Katie (silly-singer), but oh well. I find it somewhat helpful. I knew about the ITunes and IPod Nano accessibility already, but not the rest of it. Good to know, though. Maybe one of these days when I’m either employed or married to someone who makes a 6-figure income I’ll go shopping. Meantime, though, the geek in me can be happy.

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