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  • Wherein I learn I still have good timing.

    I can play around with my guitar for 20 minutes or so, and by the time my fingers get to hurting (Yes, they still hurt after only 20 minutes–I am a wimp.) the dogs will have decided they want in. Proof I can still have something of a hobby and … Read the rest

  • Things you learn whether you want to or not…

    No matter how well trained the dog, if s/he doesn’t want to come in, s/he isn’t going to come in, no matter how much quieter it would be outside without him/her barking at random neighbours, neighbours’ dogs, neighbours’ children, and passers by on the street, or any combination of the … Read the rest

  • Wil Wheaton says it best.

    , ,

    I’ve slammed Bush on this thing and in person (no, not in person with him, regretfully) several dozen times. But no one does it quite like mister Wheaton. And I know he isn’t slamming Bush just for the sole purpose of slamming him, but I do have to agree wholeheartedly. … Read the rest

  • Well, it would seem I was right.


    Completely by accident, though. But, who’d of thought the Washington Post would agree with me? I should mark that down somewhere.

  • And now, cat alergies are no excuse.

    For the modest price of somewhere in the neighbourhood of $4000, you too can have a cute, cuddly kitten, minus sneezing. Of course, for that price, it’d better be trained to clean its own litterbox, too.

  • I think they’re trying to tell me something.

    Every second or third email sitting in my junkmail folder is advertising weight loss pills, or something of the sort. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think it was a hint… Stupid junkmail.

  • The things you find in your referer logs.

    Apparently I got refered by the Photonic Eye, a photoblog who’s author I… uh… don’t know, and who’s blog I never even heard of until about 2 minutes ago. Ah well. If I can give a nod to people who drop me a line while they’re supposed to be pretending … Read the rest

  • So *that’s* how you catch people’s attention.


    Who’d of thunk it? Write a post about the shuttle launch on Saturday, and 2 days later, get a visit to the site by someone from NASA. Now *that* is targetted viewing, even if unintentional.

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