Wil Wheaton says it best.

I’ve slammed Bush on this thing and in person (no, not in person with him, regretfully) several dozen times. But no one does it quite like mister Wheaton. And I know he isn’t slamming Bush just for the sole purpose of slamming him, but I do have to agree wholeheartedly. George Bush isn’t a lot better than the terrorists he’s supposedly fighting. And, unfortunately, our beloved Prime Minister, who I’ve also slammed on this thing more than a dozen times, is dragging Canada down along with the US. But, I’ll just shake my head, and move on to reading the next blog, because to be blatantly honest, I didn’t vote him in. And if it were up to me, he’d still be looking for a job. But it’s not, so I’ll just wait until next election, and hope there are more than a handful of people who want a change from the usual liberals versus conservatives bullshit that’s very slowly screwing us over. Heh, and I don’t even read this guy’s blog just because I happened to see him on Star Trek. Although now that I mention it… I wonder if he RP’s.

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  1. Are you sure you haven’t jumped on the anti-institutional, repulican, rational-thinking bandwagon because the media and all of your self-righteous, allegedly socially-conscious neighbors have?
    Are you mad about the war? Is it stupid?
    Do you have convictions that don’t change based on what popular opinion says?
    Most of your liberal gods in congress voted for the Iraqi invasion along with everyone else.

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