And from the ultimate idiot 2007 category…

Y’know, I don’t like repeatedly asking questions made mandatory by the US either, and I live in Canada. But I wouldn’t be quite going to these lengths to protest it. My opinion on the US’s terrorism policies and whether or not Canada should be in line with them doesn’t really matter here–not that they aren’t already made quite known or anything. Now, it’s about breaking the law. Y’see, yes, it’s a crackpot paranoia tactic now. But they’ve made it law to the point where people can lose their jobs, and companies can be shut down for not following it. so, if it means I get a paycheck every second Friday, I’ll jump through Bush’s hoops a couple dozen times a day, and listen to people get irritated about it. Like any good law abiding citizen working for any good law abiding corporation. Do I agree with it? read the above link and you’ll probably draw your own conclusions on that one. But, they’re there, they’re probably not going anywhere, and wining about it won’t change that. Hm… I wonder, did the physicist decide to go and do business with HP instead? Bet they do the same thing. If they’re still in business, they should be. Not that I haven’t seen enough questionable tactics in this company, never mind others, to know not everyone will be following that… but… eh, it’s not my ass. Hm. I should have taken more than 3 calls tonight. this is getting disturbing.


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