And in the category of absolutely do not want…

This needs to die in a goddamn grease fire. Dear LJ: You are not Facebook. You are not Twitter. Please to be not trying to be both Facebook and Twitter. No fucking love for that pile of epic fail, me.

PS: Show me which majority of users want this chanbe? … Please?

ETA: Okay, my moment of duh has passed. Note to self: do not cruise LJ while distracted, or half awake. And do not do so on April 1st.

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3 responses to “And in the category of absolutely do not want…”

  1. Hey, to be fair, LJ is on a different timezone, so technically this was posted a day early, so I actually saw it yesterday and freaked out too.

    Actually, instead of freaking out, I groaned and facepalmed, and hoped to god that someone would object in the feedback.

    I hate AprilFools day.

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