It’s official. I am an idiot.

I logged into an old LJ of mine for the first time in like 4 years 2 weeks ago, for the sole purpose of deleting it. In a momentary flash of brilliance, I ended up accidentally coming to the new one, and logging into the old account. And then subsequently trying to go to my new LJ’s friends page. Now, like a good little piece of half decently coded software should, LJ told me it’d been deleted. Except I was… just.. using it. The light comes on. I suck.

4 responses to “It’s official. I am an idiot.”

  1. I run into that on a regular basis while doing journal RP online. Half the time I don’t realize which character I’m commenting as until I go to select an icon before hitting post. It doesn’t make you an idiot, just pre-occupied with one aspect over another. 😉

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