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  • Essays on blindness, and other random things.

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    It’s bloody amazing the things a person can find out when they’re not actually doing the work. A friend of mine (that’s how you shall be referred to on here ’til you tell me whether or not I can use your actual name, hun, sorry) was doing an essay for … Read the rest

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  • Nothing to say here. Move along.

    An obligatory update, in which I basicly say nothing. Because it was all said at like 1:00 this morning. And after hanging around my usual blog reading haunts, I’m finding little else to say–except, that is, that some of you people need to blog more. If I can manage 3 … Read the rest

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  • The things we talk about on a Saturday afternoon…

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    So an IM conversation I was involved in somehow got onto the topic of whether or not a blind man could actually own a car. How that happened, or why, is still anyone’s guess. But, in doing so, I discovered something perhaps too glaringly obvious about the system that regulates … Read the rest

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  • How’d that happen?

    By what must be a grose miscalculation, this little randomly opinionating spot of mine has somehow managed to attract over a thousand unique visitors so far this month. That’s… um… well, I suppose that’s a good thing. O’course, they don’t come much more unique than me! *cackle* Okay, I’m done. … Read the rest

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  • Good news, bad news, obvious news…

    Good: yesterday’s snow fall did not stay. Thank the gods. Bad: It’s still cold as fuck out there. Obvious: In spite of it being cold as fuck out there, these two muts of mine still need to be encouraged to come inside. These dogs are fucking retards. I have to … Read the rest

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  • I’ve found me a new toy!

    Now, let’s see if MT will play nice with this new toy… hm. Has anyone ever actually used Blog Desk? If so, opinions? Update: I’ve decided it’s not worth my time. It’s doing bad things that invalidate my HTML… I do enough of that on my own!

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  • Wherein I discover I am influencial.

    I didn’t expect she’d actually do it. But, she did. And now, I think I need to do some musical research. Eh, later. I’m lazy.

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  • The guys’ rules…

    Shamelessly stolen from Erin, who shamelessly stole it from someone else, so it works! Yes, these are all numbered 1. Yes, it’s done on purpose. No, I’m not changing it. 1. Men ARE not mind readers. 1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You’re a big girl. If it’s up, … Read the rest

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  • But I don’t *get* nervous…

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    So why am I about the interview tomorrow? I mean, only a little… but… eh. Still. Nervous is not me. I think it’s a lot to do with the fact it took, like… 2 months to get this far, but I dunno. I’m not worried about not getting this job, … Read the rest

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  • This should not amuse me as much as it does.


    In fact, I should probably be a little frightened. Two of the seven currently recorded searches for this month that lead people here are merijuana, and medical merijuana. I blame it all on this entry. But at least it’s not, you know, death to america or something. Apparently the government … Read the rest

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