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  • Why…


    … do I start to develop coldlike symptoms after being at work for 4 or 5 hours or so? Inquiring, and slightly irritated, minds want to know.

  • Now there’s a baseball game I’d love to watch.

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    30 runs scored, and not for the home team. Texas 30, Baltimore… a grand total of… drumroll please… 3. Oh. My. Lord. Not since, and I feel shamed to admit it, Toronto lost 22 to 2 15 years ago did we see something like that. And not since the 1800’s … Read the rest

  • My cable versus satelite predicament or: the only truely evil thing about living in ottawa.

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    When I shoved my entire life into boxes and got the hell outa Pembroke way back in December, I acknowledged then that my hockey watching days, unles I wanted to convert to being a Senators fan, were either over or extremely, extremely numbered. Which, naturally, pissed me right the hell … Read the rest

  • Things I didn’t know: She’s a year older than me?


    I practically grew up watching ‘Full House’. Well, okay, so I can’t think of anyone my age who didn’t. But even so, I had no idea Jodie Sweetin was pretty much my age. And… already, she’s been married twice, adicted to meth, and… um, God only knows what else. That’s … Read the rest

  • Oh. Damn.

    This makes my work day. Oh yeah. I am now good for the next 4 hours of my shift. Suh. Weet. Warning: If you’ve never heard of Ventrilo, this may or may not be slightly amusing. On the other hand… … Read the rest

  • You’ve received a postcard from a family member!


    I got this in my email now at least… um… I’m gonna say, uh… twice. But I don’t have any family members who’d send me postcards–particularly not from Hong Kong. If the email says, it’s not any family of mine. On the bright side, I know how people are … Read the rest

  • He’s a vulcan, that simple!

    Man undergoing surgery found to have green blood. Shweet. Star trek turned reality. I approve of this.

  • Happy June! ‘N such.

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    This is what happens when I can’t come up with a more creative title. But… who’s counting? Ordinarily I’d be up to my eyeballs in calls… but… thank the gods for system outages, now it’s “we’re updating, call back tomorrow”. And I get paid to just sit here and be … Read the rest

  • You know when you’re from ottawa when…


    It’s only funny because 90% of it is true. Except I used to be on the wrong end of number 2. You know you’re from Ottawa when… You think that 613 is the only area code that exists and HATE having to dial it to call people now You talk … Read the rest

  • Just how awesome is my boss?

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    I’ve been off the phone for the last like… 5-10 minutes, conveniently 20 minutes before my shift ends, to update my timecard for lack of a better thing to call it. I’ve no intention of going back on the phone, and even if I did… I leave in 5 minutes. … Read the rest

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