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  • Would *you* pay to tube?

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    Techdirt saves me from being completely and totally bored out of my frickin frackin mind! Talk of the prospect of paying for YouTube content has, quite possibly again, made its presence known. And to this, I can only say… um, why? If it’s on YouTube, it’s because people don’t *want* … Read the rest

  • And sometimes, you just have to be amused.


    As much grief as I tend to give the OC Transpo folks, occasionally, I’ll come across something that almost makes me wish I ended up getting that particular bus driver more often. Of course, if this actually did happen on one of the routes I take on a nearly daily … Read the rest

  • Do I have terrorists for readership, or something?

    Every month or so, I’ll try and share a random entry from the past, hopefully with some relevance to whatever my current mindset is at the time. This one, though, there’s just no making relevant to any particular situation. Unless you’re an extremist with an agenda that involves being fired … Read the rest

  • You know you’re from Pembroke when…


    A while back I did one of these entries about Ottawa, and… well, I left out that other place I lived. You know, the one I was all unemployed and lazy in. As… opposed to the employed and lazy I am now. But… meh. Corrected and such! You know you’re … Read the rest

  • This guy’s on more crack than certain relatives!

    I blame Trish for introducing me to the material of Jeff Dunham. But only because the hillarity factor makes up for just about every crappy show I’ve watched in the last year. This clip in particular. But that’s just my twistedness coming out. WARNING: May not be work appropriate. Clicky … Read the rest

  • Search term randomness?

    Someone actually found this thing by searching for ‘kerpoof’. what. The. Fuck? someone tell me I’m not the only one who uses that word. Please?

  • My Senators hatred has reached england!

    Thanks largely to a google search by one apparently overseas Sens fan–poor sucker–that landed him on my wonderful little Senators suck page. Is this what world fame feels like? Note: the Sens *do* suck. We’re not counting the fact they beat my team twice this season. By one goal. In … Read the rest

  • Hard to believe, but I changed it up a little just last night.

    And already, this website’s new title has landed it on the front page of this Google search. Not quite what I was doing it for, but… hey, like I’m gonna complain. So why’d I change it up? Okay so maybe only one of you cares. Oh well. This suits me … Read the rest

  • I just made this company $500.


    Which, roughly translated, means… absolutely jack for me. Yay workin’ for the man! One of these days, I’ll work for me. One of these days. Possibly. Nah, too much work. Just hit me up with another bonus or 6.

  • because 2 weeks is long enough.

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    Of course, when you do as much in 2 weeks as I’ve somehow managed to do in *this* 2 weeks, yeah… it’s long enough with no updates. Let’s see… where best to start. Vell, I could always start with the usual, easy routine of what had me so busy that … Read the rest

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